13 December 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #25

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Showing Love

Although hearing the words, “I love you” is special and important, sometimes you wish you could tell your mate as well as hear from your mate those words, but in special and unique ways. Here are some ideas of how this can be accomplished:

1) Rent his favorite movie, even if it is something you do not like, and plan an evening alone where you can be with him as he enjoys his special treat.
2) When he gets out of the shower, hand him a warm, cozy towel just heated in the dryer.
3) When you make him pancakes, first pour the words, “I Love You” on the griddle and cook for a minute to brown. Then, pour more batter over the words to create a round pancake. The result will be a pancake displaying those three special words when you flip it over.
4) While he is out of town, wash his car and surprise him by picking him up in a clean, shiny car at the airport.
5) Take him out to lunch.
6) Have his favorite breakfast on the table along with the morning newspaper.
7) Instead of bugging him to go to the grocery store with you, let him stay home.
8) Display your favorite picture of the two of you on the refrigerator.
9) Buy him a subscription to his favorite magazine.

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