11 December 2008

Men, Women, Love and Romance (ebook)

Stephen Whitehead "Men, Women, Love and Romance: Under the Covers of the Bedroom Revolution"

Romance is not dead, but it has changed. In Men, Women, Love and Romance, through extensive interviews and acute analysis, Stephen Whitehead examines love and -relationships in the 21st century.
Transformations in how women think and act, and in the many lifestyle choices now open to them, have ushered in a bedroom revolution marked by a new sexual confidence. Women have new expectations about themselves, their romantic opportunities and their sexuality. They have moved on, lead by the FFFOKS (forty, fit and free of kids).
Men have to adapt to this movement if they are to succeed in forming meaningful relationships. Whitehead asserts that the "traditional male" has no place in the new gender game and those men who do not recognize this, who do not make an effort to be more emotionally in tune with themselves and their partners, are likely to -become the dodos of the new millennium.
Whitehead examines what women now want and what men have to do to achieve emotionally satisfying relationships in the 21st century. Democratic love is the new ideal, and this book tells you what it is and how to find it. All forms of dating are explored -- from conventional meeting places to the increasing popularity of chat rooms, cyber dating and text messaging.
Here at last is an up-to-the-minute guide detailing what needs to be done by both sexes to reach harmony -- men and women are from the same planet, they just need to speak the same emotional language!

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