29 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #11

relationship tips, love tips

Dinner Party

Start a new tradition of hosting a dinner party every other month or two and inviting several of you and your mate’s friends. Set up board games that everyone will enjoy, have some light and lively music playing, and plan to have a blast. Spending time with friends in this kind of setting is a great way to reduce stress. When stress is low, couples get along better. This is a wonderful way to interact with each other’s friends as a couple.

Romantic Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Two : How to Cook Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #10

relationship tips, love tips

A Night of Passion

Intimacy and passion in relationships is not only important but also healthy. Couples need to enjoy being together in an intimate way. When relationships are troubled, the last thing either person wants is to be sexual or passionate with each other. However, this is a part of the healing and rebuilding of the relationship and although it might be awkward in the beginning, it is crucial. Make your intimate time together special. Surprise your mate with a warm bubble bath, lighted candles, soft music, and a bottle of wine, or reserve a nice romantic evening at a local hotel to include a wonderful candlelit dinner, fine wine, and a beautiful room.

And here is The Poodles - Night of passion - From the Swedish music contest:

27 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #9

relationship tips, love tips


When couples are having problems in a relationship, communication is the first thing to stop. It is often easier to just be quiet than to get mad. When rebuilding relationships, just as communication was the first to stop, it now needs to be the first to start. This will require that both individuals let down their guard and pretty much throw caution to the wind. Healing in the relationship cannot start until you talk. Make an agreement that you will talk about anything and everything and that you will listen, really listen. That does not mean that you will agree with everything, which is perfectly fine. However, if you do not agree, do not yell, rather, the two of you need to calmly discuss the issue and together, work out a solution. This is hard work but within a very short time, you will both feel much better, individually and as a couple.

And lets see Chris Rock's advice on how to maintain a relationship - talking. Or, more precisely, how to talk.

26 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #8

relationship tips, love tips

Lighten Up

Often when couples have gone through or are going through some bumpy spots in their relationship, things tend to get serious. It could be that there is a tremendous amount of tension or perhaps they are not sure what to say. Regardless of the reason, learn to lighten up. Do not take every comment, glance, or movement as a serious problem. If your mate makes a mistake, which you both will, let it go, or if appropriate, laugh about it. If you make a mistake, do not be afraid to poke fun at yourself. This will automatically start the process of tension breaking.

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Online Dating for Women 2007/2008

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25 November 2008

DateBOB Dating Advice and Tips (free eBook)

DateBOB Dating Advice and Tips

DateBOB Dating Advice and Tips is a free eBook that will help you with your online dating experience. It will help you to write your personal ad, How to achieve that perfect online relationship, How to select the correct dating website to match your needs, plus much more.

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DateBOB Dating Advice and Tips

24 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #7

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If asking couples the factors involved in the demise of their relationship, one of the common responses is that everything in the relationship is so predictable. When rebuilding a relationship, do not be afraid of letting go of boredom. If you normally hate the fact that Saturday afternoons consist of your mate sitting for hours watching football, fix some finger sandwiches and something cool to drink and go join them on the couch, or if your mate spends hours in the garden trying to make things look perfect, surprise them with a new flowering plant, and then help to plant it. When taking a walk with your mate, stop and give them a soft kiss, say, “I love you,” and then keep walking. Take some chances and do the unexpected.

23 November 2008

10 Tips for Building a Strong Relationship (free ebook)

10 Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

Build a strong relationship with your partner.

Another great ebook i found for you guys (and girls), enjoy and commment:

10 Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #6

relationship tips, love tips

Filler Talk

If you are married, especially with children, break out of the habit of talking about nothing. Many times, families will be sitting around the dinner table and the conversation consists of, “Do you like your carrots?”, or “I wonder what is on TV tonight?” Instead, change your strategy to include real questions, showing real interest. Replace the normal, “Did you have a good day at work?” with “Tell me what you did at work today.” Even if you do not understand everything being said, listen with interest. It is not that you are so much interested in the work, but your mate’s life.

21 November 2008

101 Romantic Ideas (Free eBook download)

101 Romantic Ideas
A great free eBook from theromantic.com.

Great "how to be romantic" ideas for everyday activities.

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101 Romantic Ideas

Enjoy =]

20 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #5

relationship tips, love tips

Needed Space

As important as it is to spend quality time together, it is equally important to give each other time to do something they like. If your mate loves to fish but you have no desire to bait a hook with little, slimy worms, or if you like to go to the casino but your mate would rather do something different, encourage each other to take time apart. Try establishing a set time for this very purpose, if possible. For example, perhaps you could determine that every other Friday night is “singles” night. This is not a time to date other people, but to enjoy preferred activities. Remember that you have to place trust in your relationship. If you try this and then drill them, to see what they did, whom they were with, and where they went, then the exercise has failed.

19 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #4

relationship tips, love tips


If you and your mate have scheduled some time for a Friday night dinner, put together a surprise instead. For example, if your mate loves professional wrestling, buy some tickets near the front or if they like concerts, purchase the tickets ahead of time, getting the best seats possible. When Friday night comes around, insist on driving and head toward the location where the event is taking place. When asked where you are going, simply answer, “I have a surprise for you. I know you love professional wrestling so I purchased two great seats for tonight’s performance,” or “I know we had planned on going to dinner, but I wanted to surprise you with something special. I purchased tickets to see one of your favorite groups in concert.” The idea of you getting the tickets for something THEY like and then keeping it as a special surprise will touch the heart!

18 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #3

relationship tips, love tips

The Power of Touch

When a child is ill, doctors will tell you that it is proven that a simple, loving touch of a parent can quickly pull the child through a crisis. It is the same for relationships. Playing with your mate’s hair, rubbing their hand, a soft kiss on the neck, a soft pat on the leg or giving a gentle back rub will make a huge difference in how your mate responds to you. When was the last time you walked up to your mate for no reason and without saying a word, affectionately placed a kiss on their neck? This is not in a sexual way, but an affectionate way. There is a difference. The next time the two of you are sitting in the car, at the grocery story, or standing in line at the theater, quietly reach over and take their hand. Do not be surprised if you get a strange look of curiosity the first time!

How to be Romantic =]

What is it exactly that makes a woman see a man as romantic? Most of the time it's the little things that women notice. A glance, a quick touch or brush across her back. Sure, flowers are nice, but haven't they almost become a clich×™. That's not to say women don't like flowers because they do, but if that's all you've got then it will only go so far. You have to mix it up, change your style and use your imagination to create romantic moments.

The key factor in creating romantic moments is to put the lady’s likes ahead of your own.

Creating romantic moments is so easy it’s a wonder every man in the world doesn’t “get” this. All you have to do is think of an activity built around something she likes to do. Does she like shopping (not something men even like to think about much less do), fine dining, walks on a beach, watching movies and the list goes on.

It's all about doing something she likes with her. What will make such activities seem even more romantic to her is if you choose to do something she likes to do with her when a ball game is on TV that you could be watching with your buddies. She will feel chosen…and that, sir, is VERY romantic indeed.

It doesn’t matter which activity to choose to participate in with the woman that you want to think of you as romantic. The trick is for you to be totally involved mentally in the activity and not staring off into space or obviously just wishing it were over so you could go do what you really want to do. Remember this is you trying to be romantic so concentrate on the project at hand.

It really is so very easy to create romantic moments. With only a little thinking and planning, romantic moments can happen every day and at the most unexpected moments. Being romantic is a win/win situation. There is no reason not to make romantic moments happen at every opportunity.

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #2

relationship tips, love tips

Schedule Time

Spending quality time together is crucial. This time can be with friends, dining out, attending a sporting event, or cuddling together while watching a favorite movie. The activity is not what is important but the fact that you are together, doing something that you both enjoy. People have extremely busy schedules
and between work, family, the home, errands, and everything else going on, finding time for your mate can be difficult. Just as you would schedule a meeting on your calendar, show some courtesy in the relationship by scheduling time with each other. Once the plan is in place, no backing out unless you have some life and deatch emergency.

17 November 2008

Enjoy the love of nature (clip)

A Great video i found, the song of John Paul - Love is in the air containing a pack of pictures from the nature in love =]

16 November 2008

Tips for an happy relationship - tip #1

relationship tips, love tips

Start Over

When couples first get together, everything is new and exciting. They overlook the little annoying things the other person does.
However, After time, the nagging starts, instead of hearing, "You look beautiful," they might hear "Why are you wearing that shirt?"
If this sounds like your relationship, first, the two of you need to sit down and be honest that things have changed. Identify the things each other did in the beginning of the relationship that created the attraction in the first place.
Then together, make a commitment to start over. The truth is, both of you will have to work on this.
It will not automatically be easy but it is possible. Start by forgiving each other, forgetting the past, and then start over with the flirtation.
Focus only on the special things your mate does and relearn to put the unimportant things aside.
It will take some time so be patient.

15 November 2008

This love - Maroon 5 (clip)

Maroon 5 - This love

Another great song about love, Maroon 5 are the best!
Enjoy =]

Haddaway - What is love (clip)

A great song i really love it!

Haddaway - What is love
Best known from a night at the roxbury

14 November 2008

Top 100 Love songs of all times

Love songs are great to listen to at any time
but are also great for valentines day and weddings!
Here is a list of my favorite top 100 love songs:

1. Let's Get It On - 1973 Marvin Gaye
2. The Rose - 1980 Bette Midler
3. Love Me Tender - 1956 Elvis Presley
4. Thank You - 1999 Dido
5. More Than Words - 1990 Extreme
6. Building A Mystery - 1997 Sarah McLachlan
7. It's Only Love - 1977 The Beatles
8. Let's Stay Together - 1972 Al Green
9. You're The First, The Last, My Everything - 1975 Barry White
10. I'll Be There - 1970 The Jackson 5
11. Nothing Compares 2 U - 1990 Sinead O'Connor
12. I Got You Babe - 1965 Sonny & Cher
13. Wicked Game - 1989 Chris Isaak
14. Wonderful Tonight - 1978 Eric Clapton
15. Faithfully - 1983 Journey
16. And I Love Her - 1964 The Beatles
17. I Want You To Want Me - 1979 Cheap Trick
18. Careless Whisper - 1984 George Michael/Wham!
19. Superstar - 1971 The Carpenters
20. I Will Always Love You - 1992 Whitney Houston
21. Endless Love - 1981 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
22. I Would Die 4 U - 1984 Prince
23. Always - 1987 Atlantic Starr
24. That's The Way Love Goes - 1993 Janet Jackson
25. Maybe I'm Amazed - 1970 Paul McCartney
26. P.S. I Love You - 1964 The Beatles
27. Alison - 1977 Elvis Costello
28. Your Song - 1971 Elton John
29. Wild Thing - 1966 The Troggs
30. Feelings - 1975 Morris Albert
31. Fallin' - 2001 Alicia Keys
32. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - 1981 The Police
33. I'll Make Love To You - 1994 Boyz II Men
34. Time After Time - 1984 Cyndi Lauper
35. This Boy - 1964 The Beatles
36. Best Of My Love - 1977 The Emotions
37. She's Got A Way - 1971 Billy Joel
38. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - 1993 Meat Loaf
39. Three Times A Lady - 1978 The Commodores
40. It Must Have Been Love - 1986 Roxette
41. I Just Want To Be Your Everything - 1977 Andy Gibb
42. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - 1972 Roberta Flack
43. Nobody Wants To Be Lonely - 2000 Ricky Martin
44. Unchained Melody - 1965 The Righteous Brothers
45. I Need Love - 1987 LL Cool J
46. Love To Love You Baby - 1976 Donna Summer
47. I Want To Know What Love Is - 1985 Foreigner
48. My Heart Will Go On - 1997 Celine Dion
49. Eternal Flame - 1988 The Bangles
50. How Do I Live - 1997 LeAnn Rimes
51. Baby, I Love Your Way - 1976 Peter Frampton
52. Hero - 2001 Enrique Iglesias
53. Roxanne - 1987 Sting & The Police
54. Tell Me What You See - 1965 The Beatles
55. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - 2002 Aerosmith
56. Here And Now - 1989 Luther Vandross
57. Don't Speak - 1995 No Doubt
58. Crazy For You - 1987 Madonna
59. Stop To Love - 1986 Luther Vandross
60. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - 1983 Bonnie Tyler
61. How Deep Is Your Love - 1978 The Bee Gees
62. Heartbreak Hotel - 1956 Elvis Presley
63. I'll Follow The Sun - 1964 The Beatles
64. Open Arms - 1982 Journey
65. Breathe - 1999 Faith Hill
66. You're The One That I Want - 1978 John Travolta w/ Olivia Newton-John
67. Happy Together - 1967 The Turtles
68. I'll Stand By You - 1994 The Pretenders
69. You Don't Bring Me Flowers - 1979 Barbra Streisand w/ Neil Diamond
70. All Out Of Love - 1980 Air Supply
71. Secret Garden - 1995 Bruce Springsteen
72. We Belong - 1985 Pat Benatar
73. Un-break My Heart - 1996 Toni Braxton
74. I Will - 1968 The Beatles
75. You're In My Heart - 1978 Rod Stewart
76. This I Promise You - 2000 NSYNC
77. Unforgettable - 1991 Natalie Cole f/ Nat King Cole
78. I'll Be There For You - 1989 Bon Jovi
79. Girl - 1965 The Beatles
80. All Cried Out - 1986 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force
81. Iris - 1998 Goo Goo Dolls
82. More Than A Feeling - 1976 Boston
83. By Your Side - 2000 Sade
84. If I Fell - 1964 The Beatles
85. Love Will Keep Us Together - 1975 Captain & Tennille
86. Never Tear Us Apart - 1988 INXS
87. I Feel For You - 1984 Chaka Khan
88. Alone - 1987 Heart
89. I Can't Make You Love Me - 1991 Bonnie Raitt
90. Woman - 1981 John Lennon
91. Here There And Everywhere - 1966 The Beatles
92. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - 1973 Stevie Wonder
93. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - 1991 Bryan Adams
94. You're Still The One - 1997 Shania Twain
95. You Are So Beautiful - 1975 Joe Cocker
96. Always On My Mind - 1982 Willie Nelson
97. Because You Loved Me - 1996 Celine Dion
98. I Melt With You - 1983 Modern English
99. Save The Best For Last - 1991 Vanessa Williams
100. Words Of Love - 1964 The Beatles

12 November 2008

Love Quotes Collection! =]

I collected some great LOVE QUOTES for you, ENJOY =]

1. "The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt."

2. "In my world, I walked to a different drum. You came along and joined me in my journey. I am now in harmony and at peace in the world of love."

3. "Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met."

4. "The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before."

5. "A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it."

6. "One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love."

7. "Lovers don't really need to 'give and take.' For once you give you should not expect anything in return."

8. "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

9. "You know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world."

10. "When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out."

10 November 2008

5 Ways to Recover from a Broken Heart

by Chris Roberts

How does a broken heart occur? It occurs when a person has a low self esteem and has been let down by the high expectations they had. When a person gives another person total control of their happiness only to have that person leave later on, the pain that it causes can be devastating. When two people meet and one of the persons weaves their lives and future around the other, it can be horrible if that person fails to measure up to how they see them.
So how can you recover from a broken heart? There are five ways to do this.

Take Time Out - Remember that you need time to yourself as much as with someone. However, if the relationship has ended keep yourself out of their way. Until the pain of it all wears off, it's best to not even be friends. Once you feel better, if you feel like doing being friends again, and then do so. When you are most susceptible is the best time to stay away from them.

Accept Blame - Remember that the end of a relationship is never one-sided. Yet, it's easy to blame the person who broke up with you because you are hurting. However, the quicker you understand your part in the failed relationship, the less grief you end up having. Thus the healing process can begin through sympathy and consideration.

Love Yourself - How can you love anyone if you don't first love yourself? Make sure you give yourself love at the time you need it most. That's when you feel unattractive and not needed. Try to nurture yourself to heal that broken heart quicker and by doing this will make your mind stop thinking about your ex who cause the pain and put all its thoughts on you instead. Try to rebuild your sense of worth and your value.

Accept the Situation - Remember that relationships come and go. The cycle of pain and pleasure is a part life's little lessons that everyone needs to go through to grow. Once you realize all this, then you get to the forgiveness process. Try to remember that with every positive, there is always a negative. Try to think of it this way: the love you have is to nurture you while the pain makes you grow to face the obstacles that head your way. If you have vengeance in your heart, you only prolong your agony. Try to learn those lives' lesion quickly so that you don't miss the opportunity of someone more worthy of your time come along.

Move On - Give yourself the daily reminder that one instance does not gauge the rest of your survival. While one person thinks you are one thing, another person can totally think that's negative. You are not any more invaluable than the person who dumped you. Look past the negatives and see the positive. Perhaps the relationship wasn't worth being together in the first place though you probably can't see that during the initial breakup. Love yourself past their feelings. Who cares what they think in the end? Look straight ahead and move on. Forget the past but don't forget to learn from your mistakes. In the end, you'll be glad you can overcome it.

If you want to recover from a broken heart, utilize these five steps to see you through the tough times and move on with your life now.

09 November 2008

Top 7 Things to Remember When You Phone a Woman

By Maria Lacy

Hey, you have just met an interesting woman while surfing through an interesting online dating website. You enjoyed chatting to her and eventually succeed in taking her phone number. Now, it's your turn to impress her to the extent that she yearns to see you face to face, and remember her phone number is the only tool that you have.

As you must have guessed by now that your first telephone call is crucial to save or destroy this relationship, so prepare well in advance so that you reach the next stage of online dating.

1. Make a list of some interesting topics, which you can discuss with her when you call her. Take clues from your chatting with her or the mails that you both exchanged with each other.

2. Thoroughly study her profile so that you may get some ideas about topics to discuss in your call. Make a list of some open ended questions. Remember, whenever you start a discussion on any chosen subject, you must allow her to talk about it.

3. Avoid asking questions about her ex-boyfriends, or anyone she is seeing at the moment. Never grill her asking questions that she may find awkward to answer such as how she spends her time. Never forget her time is her business, not yours.

4. Give her due credit and lots of respect while talking to her. Consider the situation alarming if you find her replies as short or non-existent. This clearly indicates that either you have not chosen the right topic to discuss with her, or she is disinterested in you.

5. So, how to guess whether she will meet you again? If she disrupts the conversation saying that she has to go due to some urgent work, or tells you that she will only call you back, the chances of her doing so are nil.

6. Never try to impress a woman when you phone her. Just enjoy the conversation and be natural.

7. Avoid complimenting her in your first call. Never try to give compliments to a woman in an attempt to win her heart, let it be a genuine and timely effort.

Remember, if your conversation flows easily and effortlessly, and you find her responding to you all through the call; don't lose the opportunity to ask for an outing.

Top 10 Dating Rules For Women

By Maria Lacy

If you want to succeed in life, you have to follow predefined social rules that guide you how to eat, behave, and interact in public. Similar approach can be followed in the dating world. By following some simple dating rules, you can be more successful in business, life, as well as dating world. Listed below are some general dating rules that would allow you to date the man you want.

1. Always look your best. Being a woman, you are bound to turn heads, if you dress up nicely and comfortable in your dressing.
2. Avoid revealing too much information about your personal life; Keep the suspense until you drive him crazy. Even then, don't share it all with your man.
3. Let the meeting be brief. Meet him only for a short while. Let few things remain unsaid for future. This will help you sustain his interest.
4. Always remain fit and in shape. Remember, it's you body, which stays in his mind most of the time.
5. Never offer to pay the restaurant bills. Let your man do this honor.
6. Avoid sex early as it can ruin your relationship forever.
7. Never make yourself easily available for him. Let him try twice or thrice before he is able to get you online.
8. Never postpone weekend shopping trips with your girlfriends and you are simply unavailable for any dates.
9. Learn the art of kissing. This can keep your man glued to you for obvious reasons.
10. Never discuss your ex boyfriend/s. It is too personal to share with your man.

Free Online Dating - 4 Ways to Stay Safe

By Ingrid Margaret

In the past, many people have been concerned about the lack of safety in protecting yourself while meeting and interacting with people online. Actually, the problem has two dimensions. First, is personal safety. If you meet and date people as part of your free online dating plans,, you don't really know much about them to begin with, so if they have negative plans in mind, you may not know until it is too late. Second, safety in keeping sensitive information such as Social Security number, name address and phone number will prevent such problems as identity theft, robbery and theft from your accounts.

Screen Your Personal Information

Whether you are using a free online dating site or a paid site, you should be cautious about displaying personal or sensitive information on the internet. You don't want to reveal financial information at any place where a hacker can gain access. Since you don't have to enter credit cards or bank account data on a free site, you avoid danger from this choice. If you are prudent about where you post information and what you post, you shouldn't have a problem with safety or security issues.

Don't Get in a Hurry

When you use free online dating, you don't need to be concerned about rushing through the dating process in order to get hooked up with dates before the subscription period runs out. You are far better off to take your time getting to know the other individuals that you meet on the dating site. Part of the enjoyment of the dating process is getting to know the other person well so that you begin to form an opinion of whether or not you want to take the relationship to the next step. Not putting an end date on your dating experiences means you take away much of the stress and pressure.

Trust Your Instincts

It is likely that when your instincts are telling you that a particular individual is not the one for you, you should not try to force the relationship. Because the site is set up for free online dating, you still can avoid interacting with those who are not people that you want to meet. Don't allow your desire to forge some new relationships to short circuit your natural caution about exposing yourself to the wrong people accessing the internet.

Guard your Personal Access

Similar to the suggestion of screening your personal information is the suggestion that you need to guard against unlimited access to you via chat, email and telephone. Even if you never post personal and sensitive information on the internet, you can still be annoyed by unwanted contacts that can at times rise to the level of harassment and stalking. With free online dating, you don't need to worry about access levels. You should be able to exclude specific people or groups of peoples that you aren't interested in. After all, dating online or off should be something that is fun to do for its own sake.

How to Get a Girl to Want You - Even If She Says You're Not Her Type

By Benjamin Wise

The first thing I want to make clear is this, do not chase girls or women around like a lost puppy. If you do you will find yourself getting rejected far more than you deserve. We as human beings can be a little weird at times, we generally dismiss things we can have easily and go after things that are harder get.

I do not want to go into psychology in a major way, but suffice is to say, that you and I both know that this is the case. Let's talk examples; I hope that I will be able to illustrate my point properly.

In terms of sales and marketing, if we were launching a new product it would be all about the message and presentation. Secondly, it is another well known fact, that the best sales people in the world with the worst product will always outsell the worst sales people in the world with the best product.

Why, you may ask? They know how to sell, the product is not important it is how they sell the product. To back up this point, how often have seen not so attractive guys - with very beautiful women? These guys know what to look for, they know how to communicate and more importantly they know what that person wants.

They simply do not get into a position where a girl would say, "You're not my type" If they did, they know how to reverse the roles, they reverse it by giving themselves more time to get it back on track. In a bar for example, they may answer this charge by saying, I understand, however do you know the band that is playing.

All they are basically doing is diffusing the rejection by not harping on it, she is saying this because she is uncomfortable and now you need to make her comfortable by not emphasizing the rejection or what she is uncomfortable about.

Let me make another point, it is generally understood, that when people say no, they are saying no based on what they have been presented or told up to that point, what you have to do is present it better and give more information. But you can never do this if she is uncomfortable.

I hope this makes sense to you, to put it simply, you have to sell yourself, you may get rejected initially but that is more than likely because you have not convinced them enough yet.

Do You Want to Impress Girls - Then Avoid These 3 Mistakes

By Benjamin Wise

First and foremost girls are not impressed by guys who are insecure. One of the well known ways a girl can tell if you are insecure is based upon your body language and your tone. If your body language is closed or submissive then your chances with this girl may be history.

1/ You need to make her comfortable, if you get too close to her or start breathing in her face it is inevitable that she will become uncomfortable. When and if she becomes uncomfortable she will look for ways to get away from you. If she is uncomfortable around you then there is no way that you are going to get to know her better.

2/ Do not stand face to face with her, you are not interrogating her, you're just getting to know one another. More to the point - make it so that she gets closer to you rather than the other way around. If at a bar, do not stand behind her, approach her from the side. Again you do not want to put her on the defensive. When that wall is up, it is very hard to overcome it.

3/ Don't be a low talker, you're a man after all, for god sake talk like one. Talk with assertion. Do not have your arms folded, have open body language that enables you to talk clearly and assertively. If a woman gets any hint that you are nervous around her then I am afraid her confidence will increase and you have just presented yourself as easy to get.

To conclude, all of us like to be around people who are interesting, put yourself in her shoes and understand that if you give everything away then there is nothing left to give.

Top 3 Flirt Signals a Woman Will Show a Man That She Likes Him

By Benjamin Wise

It is often the case that women will tell you non verbally that they like you, however because we become so consumed with trying to make an impression, there is a tendency to miss these signals.

With that said women like us do not want to give the game away in fear of rejection. Every one of us as human beings hate rejection and we will do everything we can to avoid it. As a consequence we play it safe.

1/ When people are interested in any subject or object, there body language changes. There you are slouching on the sofa, then all of a sudden you over hear something that peaks your interest and you immediately sit up to pay attention.

When at the bar you are chatting with your friends, a pretty girl passes by; you stop the conversation and look in her direction.

When in a woman's company if she sits up and pays attention to what you are saying, then it is safe to say that at this moment in time she is interested.

2/ When you are with a woman and if she starts to fix herself up making sure that she is looking her best, then there is no question that she is trying to make herself attr

active to you. In other words she wants you to be attracted to her.

3/ Last but nonetheless least, she touches you when talking with you. Remember we never touch anything we do not like at least for any extended period of time, she may subtly touch you on the arm or get closer when she is talking with you, or she may start to match your tone.

While one must always proceed with caution when it comes to body language it is fair to say that many of subconsciously show our attraction in many ways.

Guy's if you are serious about getting the girl of your dreams then you need to seriously work on solid techniques to achieve your goal. If you know what a girl is thinking it is far easier to approach her.

When Does a Friendship Become a Relationship?

By Deb Allen

Many couples experience trouble related to outside friendships. This could be a friendship with a co-worker or other acquaintance. Sometimes the friendship is referred to as an affair and other times there are simply hurt feelings related to the bond between the partner and the friend. The all important question revolves around whether this is simply a friendship or if there is a real relationship.

What constitutes a relationship for one person may not be the same for another. Of course this all goes back to really knowing your partner, their wants, desires and expectations, and respecting them for that. In an ideal world the two of you will be in agreement about what is acceptable and what is not. But that may not be the case in the real world.

A perfect example is the issue of friends on the job. Questions continuously come up about what is and what is not okay. Some work environments seem to thrive on gossip and if two people are seen together even casually the rumors are likely to flow. Other work environments may even encourage employees having lunch together and participating in work related events, with or without their partner.

There is no wonder that there are doubts about what is and what is not acceptable. In reality all that matters is what you and your partner agree is acceptable. But the problems arise when the two of you do not agree. Perhaps you find it permissible to have lunch with your co-workers regardless of their sex. And you might even believe that it is okay to spend time outside of work hours with your co-workers.

After all, we actually spend more of our waking hours with co-workers than with family members, at least in most cases. It is not a surprise then that we develop feelings for those people we work with.

Unfortunately there is not a solid line to cross in this matter in general society. The reason is that we are all individuals with our own opinions about what is okay. But between you and your partner there should be a definite point that you both are aware of, on one side of the line things are acceptable, but the other side should be considered off limits, for both of you.

If this matter has never been a part of your discussions then it is probably a good idea to talk about it before a situation ever arises. That will put both of your feelings in the open and you can freely state how you feel without being on the defensive.

By arming yourself with that knowledge there will be less chance for a problem in the future. Each of you will know ahead of time what would be considered stepping over the line. This is a great way to be proactive in building a stronger relationship. It actually empowers both of you, even if you only reach agreements through compromise.When Does a Friendship Become a Relationship?

True Love - Does it Exist?

By Shahin Sharafshahi

I doubt any of us adults have gone through life without thinking, at some point, that we are madly in love. All you have to do is to think about the loving words that were exchanged between you and your partner. I bet you heard the calming sound of ocean waves and the birds chirping in an angelic tone as you thought about how deeply you were in love.

Fast forward to the day you started getting frustrated with your partner - the classic toothpaste cap not being put back on, the empty carton of milk in the refrigerator, the wet bathroom floor after the shower - and, who can forget, the toilet seat being left up!!!! That last one could be cause for World War III.

What happened to the love then? Remember the birds and the ocean waves? The Cupid's arrow must have missed its target. Now you are irritated by the sound of his breathing. If he coughs you imagine his germs traveling towards you, instantaneously making you sick. Perhaps you have forgotten how you made love to him when you were in bed with a 100 degree fever when you lovebirds were inseparable.

Every once in a while, when you are both too exhausted to look for reasons to dislike each other, you lock eyes and recall the good ol' days. Yet, as if hit by a hammer on your head, you get out of your daydream and notice he took of his shoes in the living room and resume digging the hole in which you will eventually bury your relationship.

Have you ever thought about all this? Ever wonder if you were truly in love or not? What is your definition of "love?" Of course you know there are a number of "types" of love - you have the love a parent has towards a child - even then, the love of a mother towards the child is thought to be different than that of the father - then there is the love children feel towards their parents. People "love" their pets. Yet, I doubt it is the same kind of a love that couples feel for each other. How about for the few of us who "love" our jobs or "love" driving, drawing, playing golf, reading a book or their favorite band. And, of course, we have the ultimate love: "Love of God!"

Even the Bible has references to various kinds of love: "You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind" (Matthew 22:36ff; Deuteronomy 6:5). "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:40). Along with other references, this same exact sentence appears in the Torah as well (Leviticus 19:18). In Islam the love for God is the priority. Yet, Islam directs its followers to even love their enemies.

There are many theories that may explain why people fall out of love. The basis of most is "reality!" The picture we paint for ourselves when we fall in love is al positive. We imagine the best scenarios and possibilities, disregarding the variety of differences between us and the ones we love. The strength of love, at the onset, seems to be blinding and may make us more forgiving. Through time, reality starts seeping into the relationship, tarnishing the shine that came with the overwhelming emotions that love had brought to us. One by one, we begin to see the imperfections of our loved ones - even God!

These sightings become more prevalent as enablers for us to find more faults, allowing the loss of love to begin. It is amazing that the snowball effect of this path becomes fatal to the closest relationships and marriages. The midst of these events is when you begin noticing others to like, and, eventually, love! And that is one of the major reasons why couples start cheating on their partners. They are exploring the opportunity to attain that clean, innocent, perfect love affair in someone else's arms. The cycle will, however, repeat itself.

What should we do then, stop loving? Run the other way when we notice someone's piercing eye contacts? Stay home and avoid running into the potentials of meeting new people? Or should we simply stop feeling?

No one knows what the correct steps are to ensure your love will last long! What is impossible is to avoid falling in love. It will happen more often than you can imagine. The one cardinal rule to follow is to be "honest!" The hurt that an honest comment or conversation will bring will last a much less significant than if your loved one discovers you were dishonest, cheated or were not loyal.

7 Definitive Signs He's in Love With You

By Teecee Go

Every woman wants a sure shot way of knowing that a man you are moving around with is in love. Here are the 7 signs he's in love with you. Women can generally be very communicative, but men do not speak out their minds. Though men do not speak out what is going through their minds, there are tell-tale signs to know what he feels for you. Men also give these signs so that women understand what he feels for her. Men generally do not say because they are afraid that the women might not be feeling the same way.

The 7 signs that he's in love with you:

1) The first sign is his willingness and desire to be with you. A man will always want to be connected with the women he fathoms. He would make it a point to call or meet even if it be for a very little time of the day. He will plan his time according to the fact that he maximizes the time spent with his women. He wants to seen around you and wants you to have him in his minds and be sure that you are in his mind too. His feelings are there for you if he makes excuses to spend a little more time with you.

2) One of the most important among the 7 signs that he's in love with you is the fact that he gives very less attention to other females. Men generally are very aware of the presence of other females around. If he loves you this awareness decreases and he is willing to concentrate on you. He would be interested in spending quality time alone with you and make up arrangements for that. He would try to wean you out of the group.

3) The third sign is when he revels in the physical proximity. He wants to hold your hands or kiss you. He would want to be as close to you physically as possible.

4) He is concerned about your well being and wants to make you happy at all costs. This is one of the most visible of the 7 signs that he's in love with you.

5) A man is ready to commit if he wants to know other people who are close to him know that you exist. If he wants that you gel with his friends or group then it's a sign that he loves you. Men generally invite only those girls to his group or to meet parents with whom they have something going on.

6) Men have their timetables generally set; he does not want to be disturbed when he does his favorite thing. If he makes an allowance for you and decides that he wants to do something with you, then it means that he is interested in you. And he thinks that the other thing is not as interesting as you.

7) One of the most definitive signs of the 7 signs that he's in love with you. Is the fact that he plans his future around you or with you? If he thinks that in the future that he sees for himself, you are an important part then he is definitely in love with you and wants to have a long term relationship. He would mostly talk of living together, marriage or kids.

Falling in Love - How Far? How Fast?

By Shahin Sharafshahi

Relationships are the battlefields of love. When things are going well, there is peace. When there are problems, watch out for those landmines. There are as many rules for relationships as there are people on this planet. On the other hand, in reality there are no rules!!!

As much as these comments sound contradictory, they are both true. Each of us operates under a different set of rules since we have all gone through life on different tracks. These so-called rules are really reactions to and byproducts of our upbringing and personal experiences. Studies show that even identical twins, raised in the same household may react differently to situations that life presents them.

Yet, in general, there really are no rules in the game of love, since you cannot find two people who perceive or follow the same rules the same way. In practice, therefore, these rules become ineffective and irrelevant.

This brings us to the title of this blog. Is there such a thing as "too far" or "too fast" when it comes to falling in love? A man may instantly mistake his lust for a woman's body as "love." On the other hand, that same woman will want to get to "know" him before she admits that she has feelings for him. After a few dates, the man expects to reach "the next base." The woman, however, enjoys spending time with the man, getting to know him in various situations: around their friends, with family, dealing with children, going on trips, playing sports, at the opera or the movies, etc."

So, is he going too fast and too far? Is there such a unit of measurement in a relationship with which we can measure its progress towards a "goal?" Is the fact that the "goal's" definition may vary an issue in and of itself? After all, the male species starts being less interested if there is no physical reward - and soon. On the other hand, the female species is looking for mental AND physical stimulation before the heart starts pounding and butterflies start moving around.

The bottom line is that any approach (within legal and moral realm of course) you take to select your mate may be deemed acceptable. In general, and almost in all cases, be open about what you want, who you are and where you see yourself going with this relationship. Ask questions! Don't assume anything - good or bad. Let the other person feel comfortable about his or her feelings and opinions about the relationship. Spend as much time as needed without suffocating the other person. Lead but be willing to be led - relationships shouldn't be about "controlling" the other person. In many cases one of the two parties involved is more of a risk-taker than the other, thus having the tendency to move the relationship along. On the other hand, if you are still interested in the relationship, you may have to put your foot down if you see your paths are diverging.