09 November 2008

Top 7 Things to Remember When You Phone a Woman

By Maria Lacy

Hey, you have just met an interesting woman while surfing through an interesting online dating website. You enjoyed chatting to her and eventually succeed in taking her phone number. Now, it's your turn to impress her to the extent that she yearns to see you face to face, and remember her phone number is the only tool that you have.

As you must have guessed by now that your first telephone call is crucial to save or destroy this relationship, so prepare well in advance so that you reach the next stage of online dating.

1. Make a list of some interesting topics, which you can discuss with her when you call her. Take clues from your chatting with her or the mails that you both exchanged with each other.

2. Thoroughly study her profile so that you may get some ideas about topics to discuss in your call. Make a list of some open ended questions. Remember, whenever you start a discussion on any chosen subject, you must allow her to talk about it.

3. Avoid asking questions about her ex-boyfriends, or anyone she is seeing at the moment. Never grill her asking questions that she may find awkward to answer such as how she spends her time. Never forget her time is her business, not yours.

4. Give her due credit and lots of respect while talking to her. Consider the situation alarming if you find her replies as short or non-existent. This clearly indicates that either you have not chosen the right topic to discuss with her, or she is disinterested in you.

5. So, how to guess whether she will meet you again? If she disrupts the conversation saying that she has to go due to some urgent work, or tells you that she will only call you back, the chances of her doing so are nil.

6. Never try to impress a woman when you phone her. Just enjoy the conversation and be natural.

7. Avoid complimenting her in your first call. Never try to give compliments to a woman in an attempt to win her heart, let it be a genuine and timely effort.

Remember, if your conversation flows easily and effortlessly, and you find her responding to you all through the call; don't lose the opportunity to ask for an outing.