09 November 2008

Do You Want to Impress Girls - Then Avoid These 3 Mistakes

By Benjamin Wise

First and foremost girls are not impressed by guys who are insecure. One of the well known ways a girl can tell if you are insecure is based upon your body language and your tone. If your body language is closed or submissive then your chances with this girl may be history.

1/ You need to make her comfortable, if you get too close to her or start breathing in her face it is inevitable that she will become uncomfortable. When and if she becomes uncomfortable she will look for ways to get away from you. If she is uncomfortable around you then there is no way that you are going to get to know her better.

2/ Do not stand face to face with her, you are not interrogating her, you're just getting to know one another. More to the point - make it so that she gets closer to you rather than the other way around. If at a bar, do not stand behind her, approach her from the side. Again you do not want to put her on the defensive. When that wall is up, it is very hard to overcome it.

3/ Don't be a low talker, you're a man after all, for god sake talk like one. Talk with assertion. Do not have your arms folded, have open body language that enables you to talk clearly and assertively. If a woman gets any hint that you are nervous around her then I am afraid her confidence will increase and you have just presented yourself as easy to get.

To conclude, all of us like to be around people who are interesting, put yourself in her shoes and understand that if you give everything away then there is nothing left to give.