09 November 2008

How to Get a Girl to Want You - Even If She Says You're Not Her Type

By Benjamin Wise

The first thing I want to make clear is this, do not chase girls or women around like a lost puppy. If you do you will find yourself getting rejected far more than you deserve. We as human beings can be a little weird at times, we generally dismiss things we can have easily and go after things that are harder get.

I do not want to go into psychology in a major way, but suffice is to say, that you and I both know that this is the case. Let's talk examples; I hope that I will be able to illustrate my point properly.

In terms of sales and marketing, if we were launching a new product it would be all about the message and presentation. Secondly, it is another well known fact, that the best sales people in the world with the worst product will always outsell the worst sales people in the world with the best product.

Why, you may ask? They know how to sell, the product is not important it is how they sell the product. To back up this point, how often have seen not so attractive guys - with very beautiful women? These guys know what to look for, they know how to communicate and more importantly they know what that person wants.

They simply do not get into a position where a girl would say, "You're not my type" If they did, they know how to reverse the roles, they reverse it by giving themselves more time to get it back on track. In a bar for example, they may answer this charge by saying, I understand, however do you know the band that is playing.

All they are basically doing is diffusing the rejection by not harping on it, she is saying this because she is uncomfortable and now you need to make her comfortable by not emphasizing the rejection or what she is uncomfortable about.

Let me make another point, it is generally understood, that when people say no, they are saying no based on what they have been presented or told up to that point, what you have to do is present it better and give more information. But you can never do this if she is uncomfortable.

I hope this makes sense to you, to put it simply, you have to sell yourself, you may get rejected initially but that is more than likely because you have not convinced them enough yet.