14 January 2009

10 Signs of Trouble in a Relationship

Many relationships sail along in calm seas and over time hit an occasional storm testing how strong it is. It is normal and healthy for any relationship to experience this and doesn't necessarily mean that the relationship is in trouble.

If your relationship is truly in trouble there would be red flags popping up that would be hard to miss. You and your mate can head off trouble in your relationship before it is too late by watching for some warning signs and knowing what to do.

Here are 10 signs of trouble in a relationship. If one or more of these sound familiar you may need to get proactive and begin the process of rebuilding your troubled relationship.

1- Communication is bad or negative. Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship. When it breaks down everything else including the romance will suffer.

2- Resentment. Negative emotions like this are bad no matter what the reason is. Resentment such as feelings that your mate has the better end or the upper hand is one of the 10 signs of trouble in a relationship.

3- Jealousy. Like resentment, jealousy is another sign that all is not well in your relationship. It is like telling your partner that you do not trust them.

4- Nagging. If either of you is nagging about trivial issues it can cause tension and trouble in your relationship.

5- Power struggles in the relationship. An emotional tug of war with both wanting to make the decisions and be in charge is bad for the relationship and breeds resentment.

6- Your sex life is not as good as it was in the beginning. Definitely a sign that the relationship needs help.

7- Money is becoming more of an issue and is causing tension and anger.

8- Spending more and more time apart from each other. Spending quality time together can begin to heal a troubled relationship.

9- Alcohol or drug abuse by either person can do serious damage to any relationship.

10- Either or both of you are losing your temper on a regular basis. Learning to compromise and take a deep breath before saying hurtful things is important.

These signs of trouble in a relationship can help you spot the problems and deal with them before it is too late. Learning to recognize red flags will lead to romance that can weather any storm.

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